“Come and See”  (John 1:39)

by Document Registrar

God is Calling you too, are you ready to respond?

Vocation camp in the North Region of LKC vice Province took place from 4th January to 6th January at Don Bosco Mankulam. The camp was organized by Fr. Dilan, the vocation promoter for North Region, and his supporters from Mankulam and Jaffna. It was a spiritual and an enriching experience for all our participants.

The activities were as follows Holy Eucharist, Prayers, Meditation, Conferences, sports (including some party games), talks and outings.

The main purpose of the camp was to make young boys experience the Salesian way of life. Since Salesians in the world including Sri Lanka working for the betterment and good future of young people especially those who are poor and abandoned.

During the vocation camp Fr. Pius George SDB, Fr. Melvin Roy Fernando SDB, Fr. Ashock SDB and Fr. Rogesious SDB and Fr. Marisal Dilan SDB. All the preachers focused on the Vocation, God’s call, Salesian Vocation and what is Salesian call. How one can follow God by following the footsteps on St. John Bosco (Father and Teacher of the Young).

Fr. Marisal Dilan in his word of thanks said that today we successfully completed our vocation camp at Donbosco Mankulam. Sincere thanks to Fr. Sebagnanam, Bro. Iruthayanathan, Bro. Thavakumar and Bro. Roshanthan for their enormous support and Help in order to organize and animate the participants. Special thanks to Fr. Dixson, Fr. Sebagnanam and Bro. Thavakumar who came with me to go to different parishes and do the vocation promotion. Sincere thanks to Fr. Provincial, Fr. Vice Provincial and Fr. Economer for your help and concern. Special thanks to the aspirantate Community of Mankulam. Fr. Pius, Bro. Gabriel for allowing us to conduct the vocation camp at Don Bosco Mankulam and helping us all through. Thanks to our confreres Fr. Melvin, Fr. Rogesious, Fr. Ashock and his team for spending their valuable time with our participants and inspiring them with talks. Thanks to our Seniors Aspirants of Don Bosco Mankulam for their availability. Dear fathers and brothers let us pray and support each other in order to promote many more vocations for our way of life. Viva Don Bosco.     

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The society of St. Francis de Sales or Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB), is a religious Congregation founded by St. John Bosco in 1859 in Turin, Italy for the purpose of helping, educating and training poor boys. To date, services of the Salesians have spread to 131 countries in the world. In Sri Lanka, the very first Don Bosco Centre was established in 1956 at Negombo. The Salesians of Don Bosco have, to date established 18 centres in different parts of the country. 


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