Our Commissions

Salesians of Don Bosco, Sri Lanka.

Our Commissions

Don Bosco’s charisma continues to inspire various needs and desires of the young. This includes various types of Salesian Activities those are backed by various Commission, which includes a competent group of Salesians and members of the Salesian Family.

The society of St. Francis de Sales or Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB), is a religious Congregation founded by St. John Bosco in 1859 in Turin, Italy for the purpose of helping, educating and training poor boys. To date, services of the Salesians have spread to 131 countries in the world. In Sri Lanka, the very first Don Bosco Centre was established in 1956 at Negombo. The Salesians of Don Bosco have, to date established 18 centres in different parts of the country. 


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Formation Commission

The Formation Commission of Don Bosco Sri Lanka plays a pivotal role in nurturing and shaping the future leaders of our Salesian community. With a commitment to the holistic development of our young members, this commission oversees the training and spiritual formation of Salesian aspirants, novices, and young priests. Through a blend of education, mentorship, and spiritual guidance, the Formation Commission ensures that our Salesian family members are equipped to carry forward the legacy of Don Bosco, with dedication and passion.