Chinthanaloka Institute



Chinthanaloka Institute Of Philosophy & Humanities

DEDICATED TO : St. John Bosco

LOCATION : Ahungalla

BEGAN IN : 2007



Don Bosco Chinthanaloka Institute of Philosophy and Humanities (DBCIPH) is a Higher Education Institute of Don Bosco Society Sri Lanka incorporated and registered as a non profit company (PV 122978) under the Companies Act of the Government of Sri Lanka (No. 7 of 2007). It is also an  Associate Faculty of  Philosophy with Faculty of Philosophy of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, Italy (EU Diploma Prot. No. 28/2016 dated 25th July 2016). 


In 2021 DBCIPH will celebrate the milestone of the silver jubilee marking an excellence of philosophical tradition embedded with professional and research experience of local and foreign teaching faculty and students. The institute’s Motto “Domine ut Videam” which guided it for the last silver years imparted the Salesian  Preventive System and Pedagogy working among the young. Today, the DBCIPH offers a Two-Year Diploma in Philosophy conferred by the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, Italy (EU – Diploma Prot. No. 28/2016) and a Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (B.Ph) offered by Chinthanaloka to be recognized by the UGC Sri Lanka in the near future. The academic programme is geared towards the comparability with the standards and benchmark of higher education qualifications in European and Sri Lankan universities for immediate employability. DBCIPH has chosen the British Council Sri Lanka as its exam centre for Cambridge English Qualifications. As a preparation centre DBCIPH provides the Cambridge Assessment English Programme for Young Learners (YLE) and General English of KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE. DBCIPH obtained a pre-enrolment period with the British Council Sri Lanka too to register IELTS candidates to secure the high demands of English language training island wide.




Domine, Ut Videam ! We envisage Chinthanaloka as an Institution that caters to the “integral development” of the student: MATURE in relationship with fellow human beings; ROOTED in a solid religious vision of God, Man and the World; COMPETENT to dialogue with people in a multi-religious and pluri-cultural context; and COMMITTED to one’s own responsibilities as a God-fearing citizen.



Chinthanaloka leads the mind and heart of the student to explore the world of thought expressed especially through philosophy, religion, humanities, and education so that he/she acquires:

  • Pastoral and Social Centre for young people to rediscover self-worth and mature into Christian adulthood.
  • The RELIGIOUS QUALITIES that open his/her life of faith and trust in God and enable him/her to live by his/her religious convictions;
  • The INTELLECTUAL QUALITIES that empower him/her to access knowledge and to contribute to knowledge-creation for a more culturally advanced and prosperous nation and humanity world wide;
  • The SPIRITUAL AND SALESIAN QUALITIES that enable him/her to become like Don Bosco a father/mother, friend and spiritual guide of youth.


  • Donations are destined for Don Bosco Chinthanaloka Institute of Philosophy & Humanities.
  • Don Bosco Chinthanaloka is committed to promote education accessible to all, no one excluded.
  • Formation and attention to young people are fundamental elements that allow us to continue Don Bosco’s educational project and to train honest citizens, capable of facing the current challenges with professionalism and humanity.


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Postal Address :
Don Bosco Chinthanaloka,
Institute of Philosophy & Humanities,
Ahungalla – 80562
Sri Lanka.

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The society of St. Francis de Sales or Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB), is a religious Congregation founded by St. John Bosco in 1859 in Turin, Italy for the purpose of helping, educating and training poor boys. To date, services of the Salesians have spread to 131 countries in the world. In Sri Lanka, the very first Don Bosco Centre was established in 1956 at Negombo. The Salesians of Don Bosco have, to date established 18 centres in different parts of the country. 


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