Sri Lanka – The Opening of the New College Complex of DBI – Narammala

by Fr. Sebastian Fernando

 “The New DBI – College Complex” of Don Bosco Institute-Narammala (Metiyagane) was inaugurated and handed over to the proud students on the Pentecost Sunday, 28th May 2023.  

The grand opening ceremony was chaired by Mr. Stephano Arosio, the Collaborator of “Opera Don Bosco” -Milano, and Mr. Lorenzo Pagnacco, the Lawyer of “Opera Don Bosco nel Mondo”. The occasion was graced by Rev. Fr. Roshan Miranda, the Superior of the Vice-Province of Sri Lanka and many other local Salesians, diocesan Priests, Religious, School and College Principals, Teachers, and the Parents of the students.

The New College Complex building contains 11 lecture halls (for 432 students), 3 Offices (for the Principal, School Staff and Teaching Staff), Girls’ Dormitory with all the Facilities (for 70 students), TV Room (for 70 students), Resident Rooms (for 6 lectures), with Bathroom and Toilet Facilities, with all essential furniture, electrical and plumbing facilities, etc…

The DBI-College Complex Project is donated by the “Opera Don Bosco nel Mondo” for the Higher Vocational Education of the Youth in Sri Lanka. Thanks to all the benefactors, and in particular to Fr. Giordano Piccinotti, the Director of the “Opera Don Bosco nel Mondo” Foundation for the great gift of College Complex for the growth of the youth in Sri Lanka.

DON BOSCO INSTITUTE (DBI) of Higher Vocational Education, (Metiyagane) Narammala is a Salesian higher educational center. It’s a place established to equip youth with modem technology in the fields of civil engineering, computer engineering, hotel management, tourism management, nursing and caregiver, human resource management, electrical, plumbing and various other trades of higher vocational education in collaboration with local and foreign universities.

The Centre was ceremonially inaugurated on 5th June 2010 and since the inception the institution has formed and offered skilled, honest and religious minded younger generation to the world. Today it is an ISO 9001:2015 certified QMS implemented institution, recognized under the category of Tertiary and vocational education in Sri Lanka.

DBI is accredited (P 12/0145) under TVEC (Tertiary and vocational education commission) in order to conduct NVQ (National Vocation Qualification) Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, and Level 6 (Higher National Diploma) courses and various other educative paths.

DBI-Narammala is recognized by the Sri Lankan Government as an entity of “Don Bosco Sri Lanka”, gazetted as “Don Bosco Trust” (T.D.No.9472-2011.11.14), which is a non-profitable NGO approved by the Government of Sri Lanka (The Gazette No.1,541-2008.03.14).

The Institution also offers various types of scholarship programs up to 100% payment of the Course Fee, especially for those who come from poor family backgrounds. The Centre also shelters the apprentices who are orphans or semi-orphans and rehabilitates the addicted in various forms. Special attention is also given to those who have failed G.C.E. (Ordinary Level Exams) and G.C.E. (Exams Advanced Level), for their Non-Formal Higher Vocational Education, which would lead them to Graduate Levels.

‘Metiyagane – Narammala’, where DBI is located, is in a rural area. Thus, DBI-Narammala directly contributes for the social development of Sri Lanka by its neighborhood apostolate and by offering job opportunities (local and foreign) for all those who finish their studies.

Practicing the educative system of Don Bosco, the Preventive System, DBI has its mission of empowering the younger generation with spiritual values, skills and modern technology to be agents of transformation in the world. Thus, by the integration of youth from south and north, DBI builds the nation where everyone can live in peace and harmony. In the spirit of Salesian charism, DBI offers all round development to the students through extracurricular activities such as public speaking, singing, dancing, drama, theatre, games, music etc. The training given by the institution intends to equip the students with all round formation based on Christian values, so that they may become catalysts of social transformation, leaders in society and genuine educators of values.

Fr. Manjula Priyantha SDB

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The society of St. Francis de Sales or Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB), is a religious Congregation founded by St. John Bosco in 1859 in Turin, Italy for the purpose of helping, educating and training poor boys. To date, services of the Salesians have spread to 131 countries in the world. In Sri Lanka, the very first Don Bosco Centre was established in 1956 at Negombo. The Salesians of Don Bosco have, to date established 18 centres in different parts of the country. 


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