Annual Sports Meet 2024 at Don Bosco, Pallavarayankattu

by Fr. Sebastian Fernando

The annual Sports meet of Don Bosco Institute, Pallavarayankattu was held on 21st of March at Don Bosco Tech ground. The sports meet was conducted for three categories of students, namely Don Bosco Nursery students, Don Bosco Primary students and Don Bosco Tech students. The preparation for the Sports Meet began one month before and the total number of games conducted were 60. The key moments of the sports meet were marathon that was conducted on 13th of March for various categories of school students and tech students. Different venues were chosen for them. The students took part in the Marathon with a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

The sports meet began at 9.30 a.m. in the morning in the presence of the Mr. Dhayabaran, the Secretary of PradesiyaSaba Poonakary. The garlanding of the guests, the prayers, the lighting of the oil lamp, the hoisting of the national, provincial flag, and team flags, welcome speech, the oath taking, marched past and declaring opening of the Annual Sports Meet took place in the morning. Then we started off with the events in the field as planned. The events were organized alternatively for both school and tech students. The morning session of sports were integrated with the distribution of prizes for the events conducted for the students throughout the sports meet. The morning session of sports came to an end at 2.00 p.m. with the speech and the departure of the Special guest. Then the students were given lunch break.

Then the afternoon session began at 3.00 p.m. with the events for Nursery. About 6 games were conducted for the nursery children and then immediately after that the other events took place for school students and tech students. Most of the events were athletic events.

The Chief Guest, Madam P.S.M. Charles, the Governor for Northern Province arrived at 5.00 p.m. and she was welcomed by the school band and Tamil traditional way of welcome. She was accompanied to the place reserved for her by the Director and Principal of Don Bosco, Institute. The drill took place after her arrival and then few more events were conducted for the students. around 6 p.m. the chief guest delivered her message and distributed prizes and trophies for the champions of the Annual Sports Meet 2024.

Havard was declared winners of Don Bosco Annual Meet from the School and Rua from the Tech. The winners were awarded with certificates, medals and trophies. The Annual sports meet came to an end around 6.45 p.m. with the lowering of the National Flag and other flags. A big word of thanks for all those who collaborated for the success of the Annual Sports Meet 2024. We are also grateful for our benefactors who financially supported this great event of our Institute.

Special thanks to Fr. Melvin Roy SDB (Director of Don Bosco Pallavarayankattu) for organising such a beautiful event and all his efforts.

Viva Don Bosco

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